Quit Happens | How (and why!) to strategically quit your job, leave your relationship, or part ways with toxic mindsets.

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a physician, attorney and lifelong quitter. Through her “Quitting by Design” website she helps people carve out successful lives through strategic quitting. Her goal is to destigmatize quitting and illustrate what a useful tool it can be in creating a fulfilling life. In this show, she interviews people who have used strategic quitting successfully in their paths with the goal of providing listeners actionable advice to help them quit their way to success.
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Quit Happens | How (and why!) to strategically quit your job, leave your relationship, or part ways with toxic mindsets.



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Mar 12, 2019

Rachele Brooke Smith’s life changed when she saw Center Stage as a teenager, as it made her realize she wanted to be a dancer and an actress. And despite years of getting what seemed like no closer to her dream, she continued to show up and audition, despite how much her self-talk tried to keep her down. One day, she finally realized that dream, getting cast in the lead of Center Stage 2!

Through this and many other experiences, Rachele realized that to create her life as she wanted it to be, she would have to fight through fears. Now, when fear arises, she envisions how much worse it would feel to miss out on opportunities like the audition for Center Stage 2 that she almost didn’t attend. With that in mind, she’s able to disrupt negative thoughts and let her creative superpowers run free.

Mar 5, 2019

Have you ever told a lie and then felt that tension - the friction that comes from knowing you’re living out of integrity? Imagine the cumulative stress from lying not only to others, even if small lies, but to yourself - all in the name of preserving appearances and keeping others happy.

This was the situation Amrit Sandhu found himself in when a diagnosis of depression led him to take a hard look at his life. He was able to see the diagnosis as a positive, as it led to the personal development work that has brought him into alignment and which he teaches others today.

Feb 26, 2019

We’ve all felt guilt before. Guilt is the feeling we did something bad. But shame is an even more detrimental emotion, as it tells us that we ARE something bad. And whether we grew up in strict families or strict religions or strict societies, there’s never been a shortage of places to help us shovel shame onto ourselves.

But there’s hope. This week’s guest, author, podcast host and fitness expert Drew Manning, battled immense shame from a young age through growing up in a very shame-based environment, which led to feeling that he was a failure…which, as he points out, led him to participate in failure-type behaviors, like pornography overuse and infidelity. And through his own recovery from his porn addiction and the personal development work he did during that time, Drew has learned that shame can be overcome by changing your stories and your perception.

He tells a story of how truly learning to love and accept himself, along with shining a light on the things he’d been ashamed about, led him to release the shame he felt and helped him live an authentic life.

Feb 19, 2019

Ted Ryce is a celebrity trainer and high-performance health coach, and through his work he’s learned that what keeps often people from attaining their goals is them giving away their power, underestimating how much what they do matters, and holding themselves to unrealistic standards.

He says that if someone wants to perform like a superhuman, they first have to realize that they’re only human. He says understanding your limitations can help you set yourself up for success in all areas of life. He suggests attacking challenges with an attitude of determination versus desperation to put yourself in the most beneficial mindset to achieve your goals.

Feb 12, 2019

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley has always refused to settle. In medical school, she realized patient care wasn’t for her…which was a difficult realization for someone on the road to becoming a doctor. Deciding NOT to settle for a job with patient care led her down a path through more schooling, then through a leapfrog job, and eventually on to what she does now - helping mid-career professionals make career transitions using the techniques she’d picked up along her journey.

She points out that it’s a great time to not know what you want to do, as you no longer need another degree to do something different. She encourages thinking about ways to educate yourself outside of the debt-ridden educational system, and also points out that it has never been easier to go get experience in careers of your choice.

And lastly, she helps professionals wrestle with the loss of identity often experienced when leaving a high-profile professional career - which often includes pointing out both that they can always go back, but also, reminding them to look at what they’re running toward…which is generally a happier, healthier work life.

Check out the Physicians Helping Physicians conference in Austin this April!

Feb 5, 2019

Transformational facilitator Stef Sifandos knew things had to change. He no longer wanted to be the person that he had been, one who was unfaithful, mistrusting, and full of shame. But to be someone he’d never been, he’d have to start doing things he’d never done - which started with letting go of old patterns, quitting mindsets and friendships that no longer served him, and setting his attention and intention on revealing the authentic person he was deep inside.

Through his own transformation, he developed a deep understanding of relationships and realized he had to move from selfishness to selfish selflessness, a lesson he passes along to others through his work today.

Feb 2, 2019

If your phone and your computer are driving you crazy with their constant distractions, may I humbly suggest you QUIT most of your notifications? It may make a big difference in your focus and your ability to stay calm and peaceful.

Jan 29, 2019

Dr. Alessandra Wall has quit many things in her life, such as believing she had to be perfect to be good enough, putting energy into doing what's right without thinking about whether it was also right for her, and believing that she would be a psychologist and only a psychologist for the rest of her life.

She was deep in promoting her own business (of helping others) when she realized she had to quit the hustle…to help herself.

Jan 22, 2019

Health Optimization practitioner Jason Prall was on track to completely fulfill society’s definition of success: he had a good job, a good salary, two dogs, and had even bought a house. Then one day he realized the whole thing was a charade, because it didn’t make him happy. He realized his number one value was freedom, and that he had to find a way to get there.

But the path wasn’t easy - it required him to face the uncertainty of selling a house and most of his possessions to go somewhere he’d never been and do something he’d never done.

Listen to how he navigated the uncertainty and his tips on how to make your quit as strategic as possible.

Jan 15, 2019

Prior to the #metoo movement, many women who had survived sexual assault kept their story under wraps. And for years, this week’s guest Sheree Trask had done the same, which led to years of damage done to her physical health from the toll that keeping such a secret took on her.

Once Sheree began speaking, she realized the impact of sharing her story, both in its ability to empower others to do the same, but also to heal herself mentally and physically.

It’s a powerful story everyone should hear.

Jan 8, 2019

When you mention quitting, some people focus only on major things, like jobs or relationships. And while those types of quits can make a major impact on one’s life, so too can the much smaller quits.

This week’s guest, Dr. Greg Kelly of Neurohacker Collective, talks about how the biggest change he’s experienced recently came from removing things from his mornings that help set him up for success the rest of the day. We also discuss other ways to improve productivity, including the product he helped formulate, Qualia.

Jan 3, 2019

It’s a new year, which is often when people begin adopting clean eating and exercise habits in the name of becoming healthy. But what happens when the habits that were once aimed at bringing health are taken too far? Disordered eating, body image issues, and orthorexia (an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy) can develop, sabotaging true emotional, mental and physical health.

Maddy Moon, an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach, was involved all of the above, and when she decided it was time to quit, the first step was realizing that the same force was driving all of those behaviors: the need for control. Listen to the story of her journey out of the realms of pain and into the realms of pleasure where she found love for herself and her body.

Dec 27, 2018

One Christmas a young Dr. Mike Woo-Ming was on call in the ER and encountered a doc who looked much older than him…but wasn’t. That doctor said after years of practice he still had to work holidays to be able to support his family.

When Mike realized this could be his future if he continued practicing medicine as he had been, he went to work changing his present. He started companies, left clinical medicine for a time, and has been wildly successful as an entrepreneur. He now aims to pass on what he learned to other physicians who want to take control of their financial futures.

Dec 23, 2018

This week's Quit of the week is Quitting Holiday Dread!

This one goes out to those who have to face the holidays alone. I'm right there with you, and we'll make it through...together:)

Dec 20, 2018

Is running around trying to get everything ready and perfect for your holiday celebrations turning you into the grinch?

I've got some tips for bringing a little space and calm back into your life, and a reminder that no one is expecting perfection in presents, they're just happy to have your presence:)

Dec 18, 2018

Think about how many times we are disappointed with ourselves because we feel we are not yet a ‘success,’ or worse, that something we tried to do was a ‘failure.’

This week’s guest, Solonia Tedros, suggests we take a look at success and failure not as these giants in our head to be achieved or feared, but rather all parts of the journey of self-discovery. She defines success as being able to arrive at your purpose, and recommends that instead of evaluating every move as a success or failure, we instead check in with ourselves and our growth.

Dec 11, 2018

Have you ever worked for years to achieve your dream job, only to realize that it wasn’t nearly as dreamy as it may have seemed?

Author, founder, and coach extraordinaire Ajit Nawalkha experienced just that feeling after working years to become the CEO of Mindvalley. At which point he came to the realization that you can earn a living without sacrificing your quality of life. His story is a true inspiration to those whose dream big, for it shows you can not only achieve those dreams, but you can also strategically walk away if and when those achievements no longer serve you.

Dec 5, 2018

“There’s more to life than this.”

That ONE thought sent Wellness Force founder and host Josh Trent on a journey of self-exploration and creation that has allowed him to grow through the discomfort of the changes life has thrown his way. He has learned that the only way he can heal and evolve and expand his consciousness is simply to tell the truth until it’s no longer uncomfortable.

Thanks to the multitude of experiences along his journey, including the many quits he’s faced along the way, Josh is now able to speak and share from a place he’s been, which is evident in the wisdom he shares as one of today’s strongest voices in the movement of emotional and physical intelligence.

Nov 27, 2018

Often the transitions in life, and the quitting that comes along with them, can seem very heavy.  The weight of concerns about everything from finances to loss of identity can intensify a trying time.

Enter Jason Goldberg. This speaker, author, transformational coach and self-proclaimed edu-tainer is here to inject a spirit of play into those times. He suggests that the more we can have a casual relationship with our psychology, the more we can relax enough to see possibilities and solutions that may have eluded us before.

Nov 23, 2018

I am forever grateful to this week’s guest, Well Woman Show host Giovanna Rossi, for being the first to discuss how quitting a mindset led to her quitting SMOKING! Because behind most bad habits is a limiting belief or out-of-alignment situation that needs to go that’s leading to reaching for something unhealthy, be it cigarettes, too much alcohol, gambling, or junk food.

Giovanna found that getting real with herself and getting clear on her true identity helped her quit an identity she’d been protecting, and the smoking that came along with it. Once she started peeling the layers away, it because easy to keep going and keep the quits flowing.

Nov 20, 2018

There is no single quitting topic I've had more requests for than quitting your family. 

Today I tackle just one part of it: quitting your parents.

Nov 13, 2018

Sometimes podcast guests come along and they drop so much knowledge about so many quitting topics that I don’t even know where to start for the show description.

This is one of those shows.

Conner Moore, host of the Realness Podcast, talks quitting small towns and small-town mindsets, quitting cities he’d just moved to, quitting owning a crossfit gym, quitting working for Onnit, quitting deep loving relationships, and basically anything else that was no longer serving him…even if he still really liked it.

The big takeaway is that once you do the work to know who you truly are, sometimes you have to quit things, even though you like them, if they’re not serving your highest good.

Nov 6, 2018

Many of us have wanted to quit our job at some point, because we knew something surrounding work wasn’t right. But sometimes it isn’t the job that’s not working, it’s something within us.

This week’s guest, transformational leadership coach Lindsay Sukornyk, has helped many people quit the mindsets and limiting beliefs that were leading to their perceived discontentment at work. That internal growth allowed them to stay in what they previously viewed as a toxic environment and led to them becoming agents of change in their original companies. Lindsay often advises that before you quit your job, see if you can start again at the same job with a fresh new outlook and mindset.

Nov 1, 2018

What do a police officer, a law student, and a Hollywood filmmaker have in common? This week’s guest, Jay Menez, has been all three…among other things!

Some of the careers he quit because he grew restless, but others he was forced to quit due to economic factors, and in those situations, he learned, through both in-person and virtual mentors, how adopting a growth mindset can change how you see what others may consider ‘failures.’

Oct 31, 2018

I'm trying out putting my facebook live Quit of the Week series out as podcast episodes. Here's the first of those episodes: Quit feeling as though you have to do ALL the things!

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